Bryan Snow

A dedicated family man with a great family and a satisfying job. Every day I get to "Change the World One Person at a Time." Working for Healthways I find satisfaction knowing that my job is more than just a paycheck, but a lifestyle and that I make a tangible difference to those around me.

Every night I get to grow and develop in a more personal way with my family. I have many interests ranging from arts and culture to electronics and movies, but when asked what my hobby is I answer "to spend time with my children." Reading, romping, talking and outright playing with my children is my favorite way to enjoy weekends and holidays.

Though I recognize that no test is as comprehensive as face to face interaction I have found value in certain tests and profiles. I recently completed training in the Gallup Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment which focuses on helping you "do what you do best every day" by identifying your natural strengths and talents. The results were eye-opening. Individualization, Harmony, Relator, Connectedness, and Empathy were determined to be my top 5 themes, or strengths. In retrospect I can see how I tend to lean toward relationship building in all aspects of my professional and personal life. I enjoy people. I enjoy teamwork. I enjoy making a difference.